Erika & Matt's Wedding - St. Mary's Chapel - Charlotte, NC

June 02, 2016  •  4 Comments

When I arrived at the home where she grew up, the wedding day energy was most certainly present.  Aunts and cousins were steadily helping to prepare a special day for these two, Erika & Matt.  The venue for her ceremony was held at St. Mary's Chapel in Charlotte, North Carolina and the reception followed at an even more special place...Home!  It was a beautiful setting with a perfect amount of southern flare from her beautifully adorned tables with fresh flowers to the delicious menu for dinner.  Here are some of my favorite images through out their day.  Must warn you though, I'll probably over post the flower pictures...They.Were.Gorgeous!

DSC_8188DSC_8188 DSC_8030DSC_8030 DSC_8036DSC_8036 DSC_8105DSC_8105

This ring shot was one that Erika requested.  Add a little bokeh and it turns out to be quite magical!

DSC_7894wmDSC_7894wm lovely!


Matt had written a letter for Erika to read prior to their wedding, here she was taking a few minutes to read this love letter.

DSC_7848DSC_7848 DSC_7832DSC_7832 DSC_7976DSC_7976 DSC_8064DSC_8064 DSC_8148DSC_8148 DSC_8183DSC_8183 DSC_8168DSC_8168

These rings are sitting atop a Bible that was her Great-Grandfather's, Lawrence Hallman. DSC_7803DSC_7803

One of the flower girls, Lila.


"Lawrence Hallman Sept. 8, 1917" DSC_7819DSC_7819

The necklace she wore, was made from her grandmother's diamond ring.

DSC_7909DSC_7909 DSC_7914DSC_7914 DSC_7882DSC_7882

Her something old was this beautiful brooch from her Grandmother Bonce. In fact, all of her attendants had one of her brooches on their bouquets.  Wanted to picture them but was over my limit that my hosting site allows for me to post. DSC_7879DSC_7879 In DSC_7953DSC_7953 DSC_7959DSC_7959 DSC_8067DSC_8067

Her dad gave her this sweet letter, talk about tear jerker... DSC_7864DSC_7864

Matt had given her a gift to open...the gift, a pair of diamond stud earrings!!!

DSC_8085DSC_8085 DSC_8096DSC_8096

Time to step into the dress...

DSC_8256DSC_8256 DSC_8292DSC_8292

Love this next shot, her mom on one side and sister on the other... DSC_8239DSC_8239 DSC_8300DSC_8300 DSC_8275DSC_8275

One of my favorites from her bridal shoot


This next location was at property that her grandfather owned many years ago.  In fact, he planted those Crape Myrtle tree you see in the background. DSC_9025DSC_9025 DSC_9064DSC_9064 DSC_9192DSC_9192 DSC_8908DSC_8908

Erika & her dad have a very close relationship.  She opted for a first look with him.  Until this day, he had not even seen a picture of her dress until she came out to meet him... DSC_8390DSC_8390 DSC_8394DSC_8394 DSC_8389DSC_8389 DSC_8396DSC_8396 DSC_8397DSC_8397 DSC_8398DSC_8398 DSC_8399DSC_8399 DSC_8402DSC_8402 DSC_8404DSC_8404 DSC_8427DSC_8427

Meanwhile, this handsome groom has arrived!

DSC_8349DSC_8349 DSC_8342DSC_8342 DSC_8335DSC_8335 DSC_8345DSC_8345

Matt gives true meaning to the phrase "a sharp dressed man"!


The groom's parents! DSC_8356DSC_8356 DSC_8918DSC_8918

One last shot before she walks down the isle...


Prior to the ceremony, she had the most beautiful music playing...


Here comes the bride... DSC_8481DSC_8481 DSC_8485DSC_8485

Matt was completely overtaken by emotions... DSC_8493DSC_8493 DSC_8496eDSC_8496e DSC_8516eDSC_8516e DSC_8518eDSC_8518e DSC_8525eDSC_8525e

Prayer DSC_8547DSC_8547 DSC_8549DSC_8549 DSC_8538DSC_8538 DSC_8554DSC_8554 DSC_8558DSC_8558 DSC_8578eDSC_8578e DSC_8580eDSC_8580e DSC_8611DSC_8611 DSC_8701-2DSC_8701-2 DSC_8741DSC_8741 DSC_8799DSC_8799

The two families together! DSC_8874DSC_8874 DSC_8897DSC_8897 DSC_7756DSC_7756 DSC_7768DSC_7768 DSC_7771DSC_7771 DSC_7747DSC_7747 DSC_7732DSC_7732 DSC_7741DSC_7741 DSC_7707DSC_7707 DSC_7702DSC_7702 DSC_7684DSC_7684 DSC_7683DSC_7683

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Riggi!


The couple's first dance! DSC_9093DSC_9093 DSC_9101DSC_9101

Erika & her dad's first dance was a very emotional dance for both of them.  Their song, "Sweet Child o' Mine"

DSC_9122DSC_9122 DSC_9143DSC_9143 DSC_9128DSC_9128 DSC_9146DSC_9146 DSC_9181DSC_9181 DSC_9193DSC_9193 DSC_8934DSC_8934 DSC_8931DSC_8931 DSC_9225DSC_9225 DSC_9228DSC_9228 DSC_9221DSC_9221 DSC_9247DSC_9247 DSC_9248DSC_9248 DSC_9231DSC_9231 DSC_9283DSC_9283

The two flower girls... DSC_8966DSC_8966 DSC_7789DSC_7789 DSC_7796DSC_7796 DSC_8836DSC_8836 DSC_8830DSC_8830 DSC_8839DSC_8839 DSC_8842DSC_8842 DSC_8832DSC_8832 DSC_8812DSC_8812 DSC_7787DSC_7787

Cake cutting DSC_9363DSC_9363 DSC_9365DSC_9365 DSC_9374DSC_9374

Best Man and Maid of Honor DSC_9312DSC_9312 DSC_9333DSC_9333 DSC_9315DSC_9315 DSC_9292DSC_9292 DSC_9305DSC_9305 DSC_9198DSC_9198

They had a photobooth... DSC_9008DSC_9008 DSC_9215DSC_9215 DSC_9399DSC_9399 DSC_9424DSC_9424

This was so cute.  While waiting for the bride & groom to go through their bubble exit, Matt's grandfather was at the head of the line dancing while blowing bubbles.  It just makes you feel good to see others enjoying themselves! DSC_9466DSC_9466 DSC_9478DSC_9478 DSC_9468DSC_9468 DSC_9484DSC_9484 DSC_9472DSC_9472 DSC_9487DSC_9487

And I'll end with one of my favorites candid, so real!  May the two of you always have this much laughter together! DSC_9489DSC_9489

Erika & Matt, thank you so much for letting me spend this time with you two.  You had a beautiful wedding and I wish you a beautiful life together! DSC_8764DSC_8764 DSC_8624DSC_8624




Kathy Dunn Richmond, VA(non-registered)
Awesome pics!! Beautiful wedding!
Alicia Damron(non-registered)
Molly, you have outdone yourself. These are gorgeous! I know you had some good material to work with, but your skills just put the icing on the cake. I'm sure they are so happy to have their beautiful day captured in such great detail. Great, great work!!
Athena Hallman(non-registered)
These are the best wedding pictures I have ever seen.
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