(*MTH Photography...Moments, Treasure and Heirlooms, is a tribute to my late father, Michael Thomas Helms. What better way could I carry on his legacy everyday than to use his initials, "MTH", with MTH Photography. He was a special person who loved his family and in return will always be loved by all of us.)

Simply stated, I am a dreamer! With busy schedules, worries that go along with being a "Mom" and kids who aren't always happy, I still like to lose myself in memories that I hold most precious to my heart. Other words, I like to view the the world through rose colored glasses as often as I can, (maybe that's why my favorite color is pink, ha!) and escape the realities that do come from day to day. I'm a the youngest of three girls, a mother to two beautiful girls and a lover of all things PINK! I am a NC native, actually I've never lived outside of Union County! Otherwise, my feet are planted and hopefully staying on this little piece of ground I call home! I enjoy decorating, the traditions that each new season promises, a yearly beach trip with my family and itty bitty baby feet. But one of life's greatest little treasures is watching the sun rise and then again watching as the sun sets at the end of the day. It's magical to see the different colors of an evening horizon. I think I inherited this trait from my Father who loved seeing God's beauty where earth meets the sky. Oh, my list could go on and on... It's the little things that happen in every day moments that are often taken for granted.

I know you've heard a hundred times, the term "My Passion" but truly "my passion" is two things, my family and photography. For years I have enjoyed capturing the beauty of a sleeping newborn, the warmth from the sun casting it's golden glow on a freshly cut wheat field and the innocent moments of childhood days. I find myself constantly striving to achieve that perfect image. And while there is always room for improvement and learning new techniques, I thoroughly enjoy using my camera to capture moments to last a lifetime. Maybe it's a your grandmother celebrating her 80th birthday, maybe it's the wrinkles of your newborn baby's skin, maybe it's documenting the grin of your 7 year-old's toothless smile, or it could be the celebrations of that said newborn/child's graduation as they receive their high school diploma when you look in amazement of where the past 18 years have gone? No matter what the occasion may be, it's still the moments that you always want to hold onto, the treasures that you know you will always have and the heirlooms that can be passed down for generations. That's the gift of photography...a picture bridges the past with the present, sealing moments that will never be forgotten!

Our family picture by Jamie Irvin Photography