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Landon & Amanda Are Married ~ {WEDDING}

May 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016, Landon and Amanda were married at Rolling Hill Farms in Monroe, North Carolina.  It was a beautiful, Carolina day for this couple to start their new lives together as one.  They were married by Landon's grandfather and the ceremony followed by friends and family joining in the celebration of their union.  Here is a recap of their wedding festivities...

DSC_5159DSC_5159 DSC_5156DSC_5156

Somebody didn't give her the memo that the bride is the only one who wears white on the wedding day!  ;) DSC_6054DSC_6054 DSC_5161DSC_5161 DSC_5069DSC_5069 DSC_5176DSC_5176 DSC_5147DSC_5147 DSC_5117DSC_5117

Bling! Bling! Bling! DSC_5138DSC_5138 DSC_5143DSC_5143

Love some pretty bokeh to be thrown in a few shots!

DSC_5133DSC_5133 DSC_5080DSC_5080 DSC_5119DSC_5119

Time to get ready DSC_5186DSC_5186 DSC_5251DSC_5251 DSC_5192DSC_5192

Friends by her side DSC_5209DSC_5209 DSC_5215DSC_5215

With her grandmothers DSC_5306DSC_5306

Amanda had bought a gift for both her mom and her soon-to-be Mother-in-law DSC_5322DSC_5322 DSC_5333DSC_5333 DSC_5406DSC_5406 DSC_5445DSC_5445 DSC_5460DSC_5460 DSC_5452DSC_5452 DSC_8579DSC_8579

Landon has arrived and is looking mighty sharp! DSC_5376DSC_5376

Here he is opening a gift from Amanda

DSC_5343DSC_5343 DSC_5356DSC_5356 DSC_5377DSC_5377 DSC_5378DSC_5378

Love this shot.  It reminded that Tim, Landon's dad, had just told me that it was just a few days shy of being 23 years since they brought him home from the hospital. 

DSC_5385DSC_5385 DSC_8563DSC_8563

Amanda coming out for her daddy to see her for the first time... DSC_5484DSC_5484 DSC_5487DSC_5487 DSC_5498DSC_5498 DSC_5500DSC_5500 DSC_5504DSC_5504

And this was just a candid moment before the ceremony.  Landon and all his 8 brothers! DSC_5369DSC_5369 DSC_5383DSC_5383 DSC_5507DSC_5507 DSC_5561DSC_5561 DSC_5554DSC_5554 DSC_5564DSC_5564

Here comes the bride... DSC_5587DSC_5587 DSC_5596DSC_5596 DSC_5599DSC_5599

Love, love love this shot! DSC_5602DSC_5602 DSC_5603DSC_5603 DSC_5606DSC_5606 DSC_5615DSC_5615

Marriage is so sacred and I always love to not only shoot the ceremony but to hear what is said.  Landon's grandfather read the most humbling words, "Christ is to be the head of the home, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener in every conversation..."  That has stuck with me since I heard it and I know that can be the most helpful piece of advise that could be given to a newly married couple.  In fact, it's a great reminder for marriages of all ages.   

DSC_5629DSC_5629 DSC_5620DSC_5620 DSC_5656DSC_5656 DSC_5668DSC_5668 DSC_5672DSC_5672

Married! DSC_5673DSC_5673

Here are some of my favorites of their pictures together! DSC_5974DSC_5974 DSC_5871DSC_5871 DSC_5911DSC_5911 DSC_8598DSC_8598 DSC_5970DSC_5970 DSC_8859DSC_8859 DSC_5962DSC_5962   DSC_5379DSC_5379 DSC_5377DSC_5377 DSC_8687DSC_8687 DSC_8698DSC_8698 DSC_8697DSC_8697

I had to post this out take.  It was sunny almost the entire time during their pictures but at one point, there was this tiny little dark cloud that passed by.  It started raining and the old trusty reflector worked double duty that day...a make shift shelter!  Know my fellow photogs will appreciate this next picture. DSC_6042DSC_6042

This next shot might be one of my favorites.  These aren't Landon's groomsmen, they are his bothers...all 8 of them! DSC_5392DSC_5392 DSC_6426DSC_6426 DSC_6428DSC_6428 DSC_5822DSC_5822 DSC_5866DSC_5866

Reception time! DSC_5288DSC_5288 DSC_5084DSC_5084 DSC_5091DSC_5091 DSC_5093DSC_5093 DSC_5088DSC_5088

Look to the left of this next picture, that's Amanda's shoes she wore when she was a baby!


And a close up! DSC_5112DSC_5112

Candy bar! DSC_5100DSC_5100 DSC_5101DSC_5101 DSC_5114DSC_5114 DSC_5085DSC_5085


Mr & Mrs. Huntley! DSC_6179DSC_6179 DSC_6184DSC_6184 DSC_6203DSC_6203 DSC_6205DSC_6205 DSC_6210DSC_6210 DSC_6266DSC_6266 DSC_6235DSC_6235 DSC_6216DSC_6216 DSC_6229DSC_6229 DSC_6283DSC_6283 DSC_6228DSC_6228 DSC_6219DSC_6219 DSC_6244DSC_6244


DSC_5094DSC_5094 DSC_5095DSC_5095

Landon with his daddy and grandmother! DSC_6310DSC_6310 DSC_6314DSC_6314 DSC_6325DSC_6325 DSC_6555DSC_6555 DSC_6531DSC_6531 DSC_6140DSC_6140

Seriously, look at her eyes!

DSC_6133DSC_6133 DSC_6124DSC_6124 DSC_6144DSC_6144 DSC_6146DSC_6146 DSC_6163DSC_6163 DSC_6246DSC_6246

The cake! 

DSC_6061DSC_6061 DSC_6059DSC_6059 DSC_6112DSC_6112 DSC_6062DSC_6062 DSC_6371DSC_6371 DSC_6376DSC_6376 DSC_6383DSC_6383 DSC_6361DSC_6361 DSC_6368DSC_6368

Bouquet/Garter toss!

DSC_6457DSC_6457 DSC_6451DSC_6451 DSC_6455DSC_6455 DSC_6458DSC_6458 DSC_6466DSC_6466 DSC_6474DSC_6474 DSC_6481DSC_6481 DSC_6486DSC_6486 DSC_6340DSC_6340 DSC_6498DSC_6498 DSC_6513DSC_6513 DSC_6353DSC_6353 DSC_6349DSC_6349

Congratulations Landon and Amanda, I wish many, many wonderful years together through the good times and bad.  Thank you so much for letting me spend the last few months with you!





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