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Erin & Brock Are Married! { W E D D I N G}

May 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

On a beautiful, sunny day on May 7th, 2016, Erin and Brock were married on the lawn of Brock's parents home.  It was a simple ceremony with their closest family and friends.  The ceremony took place on the patio with an elegant reception following in the side yard.  The simplicity was refreshing for this southern wedding, here are some of my favorite from their day.


DSC_3523DSC_3523 DSC_2476DSC_2476 DSC_2492DSC_2492 DSC_2508DSC_2508 DSC_2740DSC_2740 DSC_2760DSC_2760 DSC_2763DSC_2763 DSC_2764DSC_2764

Guest starting to arrive.... DSC_2830DSC_2830 DSC_2835DSC_2835

Mom & her son...

DSC_2890DSC_2890 DSC_2947DSC_2947 DSC_2980DSC_2980 DSC_3008DSC_3008

Walking to meet Erin... DSC_3088DSC_3088

Here comes the bride... DSC_3094DSC_3094 DSC_3100DSC_3100 DSC_3130DSC_3130 DSC_3136DSC_3136 DSC_3163DSC_3163 DSC_3069DSC_3069 DSC_3066DSC_3066

During the ceremony, this little fella kept peeking around at me... DSC_3145DSC_3145 DSC_3224DSC_3224 DSC_3161DSC_3161 DSC_3200DSC_3200

The new Mr. & Mrs.!

DSC_3209DSC_3209 DSC_3215DSC_3215

Erin, you are stunning!

DSC_2708DSC_2708 DSC_2615DSC_2615 DSC_2595DSC_2595

And your groom, well, he's mighty handsome! DSC_2666DSC_2666 DSC_2685DSC_2685 DSC_2789DSC_2789 DSC_2777DSC_2777 DSC_2784DSC_2784 DSC_2779DSC_2779 DSC_2786DSC_2786 DSC_2968DSC_2968 DSC_3372DSC_3372 DSC_2485DSC_2485 DSC_3374DSC_3374 DSC_3386DSC_3386 DSC_3383DSC_3383 DSC_3385DSC_3385 DSC_2999DSC_2999 DSC_3394DSC_3394 DSC_3389DSC_3389 DSC_3390DSC_3390 DSC_3395DSC_3395 DSC_3003DSC_3003 DSC_3397DSC_3397 DSC_3508DSC_3508 DSC_3512DSC_3512 DSC_3510DSC_3510 DSC_3507DSC_3507

This sweet girl had her eyes on a couple of little fellas.  She kept peeking out around her momma's chair to see what they were up to. DSC_3477DSC_3477

...and here they are, doing what little boys do best!

DSC_3468DSC_3468 DSC_3447DSC_3447 DSC_3445DSC_3445 DSC_3443DSC_3443 DSC_3417DSC_3417 DSC_3423DSC_3423 DSC_3409DSC_3409

These next two of these sweet brothers are very similar.  Couldn't decide which to post, so I'm posting both!  How precious are they!?

DSC_2926DSC_2926 DSC_2929DSC_2929 DSC_3245DSC_3245 DSC_3401DSC_3401 DSC_3454DSC_3454 DSC_3490DSC_3490 DSC_3491DSC_3491 DSC_3493DSC_3493 DSC_3518DSC_3518 DSC_2552DSC_2552 DSC_2640DSC_2640 DSC_2710DSC_2710 DSC_3312DSC_3312

Congratulations Erin & Brock, it was a pleasure photographing your wedding.  I wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness together! 





Alicia Damron(non-registered)
Gorgeous couple, beautiful Southern style wedding, pretty family, pretty guests, pretty everything! You did a great job...I love the clarity of these images. Just simply beautiful!
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