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Jenna & Clark Are Married! {Urban Style Wedding}

April 11, 2016  •  4 Comments

On Sunday, April 3rd 2016, I shot Jenna & Clark's wedding.  The urban style wedding was held at Sugar Creek Brewery in Charllotte, NC. Crystal blue skies made for a beautiful day as they joined together in marriage before their family friends.  Here are some of the images to recap their day. 


The dress!

DSC_4867DSC_4867 DSC_4782DSC_4782 DSC_4786DSC_4786

The bouquet, Clark made for Jenna to carry! DSC_4746DSC_4746


The ring! DSC_4760DSC_4760

Detail... DSC_5783DSC_5783

Prepping is underway... DSC_4803DSC_4803

With her mom...

DSC_4752DSC_4752 DSC_4835DSC_4835 DSC_4883DSC_4883

The earrings she chose to wear... DSC_4774DSC_4774 DSC_4786DSC_4786 DSC_4790DSC_4790

Time to slip on her dress with the help of her mom...

DSC_4921DSC_4921 DSC_4985DSC_4985 DSC_4935DSC_4935


DSC_4963DSC_4963 DSC_4769DSC_4769 DSC_5028DSC_5028 DSC_5032DSC_5032 DSC_5062DSC_5062 DSC_5079DSC_5079 DSC_5073DSC_5073 DSC_5069DSC_5069 DSC_4999DSC_4999 DSC_5103DSC_5103

Jenna surprised her mom with a gift...

DSC_5133DSC_5133 DSC_5129DSC_5129 DSC_5135DSC_5135 DSC_5158DSC_5158

I think she liked it! DSC_5161DSC_5161

Time to head to the venue... DSC_5174DSC_5174

Meanwhile Clark is waiting... DSC_5248DSC_5248

Just before Jenna arrived...

DSC_5288DSC_5288 DSC_5268DSC_5268 DSC_5294DSC_5294

Clark, here comes your bride! DSC_5306DSC_5306 DSC_5307DSC_5307 DSC_5312DSC_5312 DSC_5315DSC_5315 DSC_5327DSC_5327 DSC_5358DSC_5358 DSC_5339DSC_5339

Exchanging of rings...

DSC_5364DSC_5364 DSC_5369DSC_5369 DSC_5395DSC_5395 DSC_5415DSC_5415 DSC_5411DSC_5411

Littles watching... DSC_5420DSC_5420 DSC_5451DSC_5451 DSC_5455DSC_5455 DSC_5463DSC_5463

The new Mr. & Mrs. DSC_5467DSC_5467 DSC_5474DSC_5474 DSC_5484DSC_5484 DSC_5508DSC_5508 DSC_5513DSC_5513 DSC_5532DSC_5532 DSC_5523DSC_5523

After a few pictures of the bride and groom, grandma was there with her arms open... DSC_5552DSC_5552

And mother-in-law also...

DSC_5617DSC_5617 DSC_5725DSC_5725 DSC_5745DSC_5745

Signing the marriage certificate...

DSC_5760DSC_5760 DSC_5775DSC_5775


DSC_5786DSC_5786 DSC_5803DSC_5803 DSC_5809DSC_5809 DSC_5818DSC_5818 DSC_5827DSC_5827 DSC_5843DSC_5843 DSC_5935DSC_5935 DSC_5940DSC_5940 DSC_5942DSC_5942 DSC_6608DSC_6608 DSC_5895DSC_5895 DSC_5850DSC_5850 DSC_5868DSC_5868 DSC_5998DSC_5998 DSC_6014DSC_6014 DSC_6066DSC_6066 DSC_6016DSC_6016 DSC_6141DSC_6141 DSC_6036DSC_6036 DSC_6096DSC_6096 DSC_6208DSC_6208 DSC_6280DSC_6280 DSC_6507DSC_6507 DSC_6409DSC_6409 DSC_6503DSC_6503

After lunch there was dancing... DSC_6234DSC_6234 DSC_6337DSC_6337 DSC_6259DSC_6259 DSC_6307DSC_6307 DSC_6486DSC_6486 DSC_6597DSC_6597 DSC_6581DSC_6581

These three went in for the slide... DSC_6514DSC_6514

Cake cutting and doughnuts!

DSC_6177DSC_6177 DSC_6176DSC_6176 DSC_5830DSC_5830 DSC_5831DSC_5831 DSC_6615DSC_6615 DSC_6633DSC_6633 DSC_6653DSC_6653 DSC_5546DSC_5546 DSC_6419DSC_6419

Thank you Jenna & Clark for letting me captures these for you.  I wish many happy years together!




Norma and Manuel(non-registered)
Felicitaciones y les queremos mucho están hermosas las fotos. Que Dios bendiga vuestro hogar
Molly you did such a great job!
Molly, you did an awesome job! Jenna made such a beautiful bride!
Alicia Damron(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures Molly! You made good use of the venue and got such a great variety of shots. And I want to know where Clark found all those brooches for her bouquet because they are stunning!
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