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Haley & Trevor Are Married! {Wedding}

November 13, 2016  •  1 Comment

Saturday, November 5th, 2016, Haley and Trevor were married at the familiar place of her grandparents home.  It was a sunny, back yard, intimate wedding with just their closest family members with the reception following.  It was evident these two had plenty of love from their families as they started their news lives together.  They both come from such kind and genuine and families...It was a sweet day!  Here is a recap of their wedding. 

DSC_8566DSC_8566 DSC_8762DSC_8762 DSC_8585DSC_8585 DSC_8559DSC_8559 DSC_8582DSC_8582

Here her dress with her maid of honor and her own Christianing gown... DSC_8509DSC_8509

Her something old were hat pins from her grandmother who is no longer with them.  I love details like these...with so much meaning!

DSC_8541DSC_8541 DSC_8546DSC_8546 DSC_8384DSC_8384

Again, another special touch.  Her something blue is a tiny little ring box from her new in-laws. DSC_8535DSC_8535 DSC_8517DSC_8517 DSC_8529DSC_8529

Bling, bling! DSC_8612DSC_8612

Her grandmother... DSC_8624DSC_8624

Last minute touches DSC_8589DSC_8589 DSC_8619DSC_8619 DSC_8590DSC_8590

Mom helping her slip on the dress DSC_8656DSC_8656 DSC_8667DSC_8667 DSC_8664DSC_8664 DSC_8653DSC_8653 DSC_8644DSC_8644 DSC_8681DSC_8681 DSC_8667DSC_8667 DSC_8669DSC_8669 DSC_8751DSC_8751 DSC_8745DSC_8745

She and her sister are very close.  This was such a sweet, candid moment.  Her sister had bought her a sweet gift with a letter that brought Haley to beautiful tears.  I love these next few! DSC_8779DSC_8779 DSC_8782DSC_8782 DSC_8786DSC_8786 DSC_8798DSC_8798 DSC_8816DSC_8816 DSC_8813DSC_8813 DSC_8838DSC_8838

Almost time, the groom has arrived! DSC_9275DSC_9275 DSC_9282DSC_9282 DSC_9225DSC_9225 DSC_9217DSC_9217

Ceremony underway DSC_8895DSC_8895 DSC_8882DSC_8882 DSC_8888DSC_8888 DSC_8892DSC_8892

Here comes the bride... DSC_8905DSC_8905 DSC_8928DSC_8928 DSC_8935DSC_8935 DSC_8948DSC_8948 DSC_8954DSC_8954 DSC_8963DSC_8963 DSC_8962DSC_8962 DSC_8965DSC_8965 DSC_8972DSC_8972 DSC_8978DSC_8978 DSC_8984DSC_8984 DSC_8991DSC_8991 DSC_8999DSC_8999 DSC_9001DSC_9001 DSC_9004DSC_9004 DSC_9006DSC_9006 DSC_9264DSC_9264 DSC_9273DSC_9273 DSC_9250DSC_9250 DSC_9065DSC_9065 DSC_9068DSC_9068

How cute id this flower girl!  DSC_9026DSC_9026 DSC_9030DSC_9030 DSC_9028DSC_9028 DSC_9041DSC_9041 DSC_9085DSC_9085 DSC_9101DSC_9101 DSC_9116DSC_9116 DSC_9097DSC_9097 DSC_9114DSC_9114 DSC_9129DSC_9129 DSC_9090DSC_9090 DSC_9192DSC_9192 DSC_9360DSC_9360 DSC_9378eDSC_9378e DSC_9498DSC_9498 DSC_9250DSC_9250 DSC_9332DSC_9332 DSC_9584eDSC_9584e

Reception Time! DSC_8467DSC_8467

Mr. & Mrs. Clanton! DSC_9652DSC_9652 DSC_9657DSC_9657 DSC_9662DSC_9662 DSC_9666DSC_9666

Reception details of their fall wedding DSC_8367DSC_8367 DSC_8369DSC_8369 DSC_8374DSC_8374 DSC_8379DSC_8379 DSC_8375DSC_8375 DSC_8383DSC_8383 DSC_8402DSC_8402 DSC_8411DSC_8411 DSC_8419DSC_8419 DSC_8410DSC_8410 DSC_8456DSC_8456 DSC_8455DSC_8455 DSC_8474DSC_8474

Love, love, love this piece of art below.  This wedding keepsake tree was drawn by Haley's sister-in-law, Julie.  The frame was made from barn wood from their soon-to-be home which is an old barn they are renovating and will soon call their home!  The frame it's self, was built by Trevor's cousin.  How special is that?! 

DSC_8477DSC_8477 DSC_8476DSC_8476 DSC_8485DSC_8485 DSC_8500DSC_8500 DSC_8492DSC_8492 DSC_8491DSC_8491 DSC_8497DSC_8497 DSC_8502DSC_8502 DSC_9690DSC_9690 DSC_9810DSC_9810 DSC_9809DSC_9809 DSC_9779DSC_9779 DSC_9504DSC_9504 DSC_9511DSC_9511 DSC_9799DSC_9799 DSC_9811DSC_9811 DSC_8411DSC_8411 DSC_9521DSC_9521 DSC_9524DSC_9524 DSC_8410DSC_8410 DSC_8419DSC_8419 DSC_9758DSC_9758 DSC_9750DSC_9750 DSC_9767DSC_9767 DSC_9768DSC_9768 DSC_9770DSC_9770 DSC_9771DSC_9771 DSC_9773DSC_9773 DSC_9784DSC_9784 DSC_9847DSC_9847 DSC_9854DSC_9854 DSC_9855DSC_9855 DSC_9870DSC_9870 DSC_9615DSC_9615 DSC_9630eDSC_9630e DSC_9584eDSC_9584e DSC_9561DSC_9561

Congratulations Haley and Trevor, thank you for letting me be a part of your day!  I wish you many, many happy years together!






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What a beautiful wedding! It looked full of love! Great pictures too!
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