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Casie & Andrew Are Married!

September 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Saturday, Sept. 12th, 2015, Casie and Andrew were married!  They celebrated their day with friends, family and DANCING!  These two are a fin filled day as they began their lives together at a familiar place...Her grandpa's home.  Here are several pictures to recap their day! 

DSC_8788DSC_8788 DSC_8831DSC_8831 DSC_8802DSC_8802 DSC_8793DSC_8793 DSC_8812DSC_8812

DSC_8809DSC_8809 DSC_8838DSC_8838 DSC_8815DSC_8815 DSC_8844DSC_8844 DSC_8851DSC_8851 DSC_8847DSC_8847 DSC_8874DSC_8874 DSC_2145DSC_2145 DSC_2156DSC_2156 DSC_2155DSC_2155 DSC_2144DSC_2144 DSC_2151DSC_2151 DSC_8869DSC_8869 DSC_8880DSC_8880 DSC_8906DSC_8906 DSC_8903DSC_8903 DSC_8897DSC_8897 DSC_8910DSC_8910 DSC_8923DSC_8923 DSC_8921DSC_8921

All her life, she's been waiting for this moment and the time is now.

DSC_8925DSC_8925 DSC_8932DSC_8932


And now one of my favorite moments of a wedding.  Not every bride chooses a "first look" with her dad but when they do...

DSC_2345DSC_2345 DSC_9021DSC_9021 DSC_9027DSC_9027 DSC_9030DSC_9030 DSC_2351DSC_2351


DSC_2352DSC_2352 DSC_2353DSC_2353 DSC_2354DSC_2354 DSC_2355DSC_2355 DSC_2357DSC_2357 DSC_2360DSC_2360 DSC_2361DSC_2361 DSC_2362DSC_2362 DSC_2364DSC_2364


This beautiful handkerchief is a gift from Casie to her mom. DSC_9071DSC_9071

DSC_2434DSC_2434 DSC_2438DSC_2438 DSC_9167DSC_9167 DSC_9170DSC_9170 DSC_9175DSC_9175

DSC_2475DSC_2475 DSC_2477DSC_2477 DSC_2481DSC_2481 DSC_2482DSC_2482 DSC_2483DSC_2483 DSC_2490DSC_2490 DSC_2495DSC_2495 DSC_9185DSC_9185 DSC_9195DSC_9195 DSC_9207DSC_9207 DSC_9198DSC_9198 DSC_9235DSC_9235 DSC_9208DSC_9208 DSC_9189DSC_9189 DSC_9121DSC_9121 DSC_9287DSC_9287 DSC_9290DSC_9290 DSC_9263DSC_9263 DSC_9271DSC_9271 DSC_9299DSC_9299 DSC_9308DSC_9308 DSC_9312DSC_9312 DSC_2890bwDSC_2890bw

DSC_9414DSC_9414 DSC_9417DSC_9417 DSC_9454DSC_9454 DSC_9490DSC_9490 DSC_9480DSC_9480 DSC_9503DSC_9503 DSC_4036eeDSC_4036ee DSC_2921DSC_2921 DSC_2209DSC_2209 DSC_2220DSC_2220 DSC_2222DSC_2222 DSC_2211DSC_2211 DSC_9007DSC_9007 DSC_9054DSC_9054

First dance as husband and wife...


As grandma watched

DSC_2804DSC_2804 DSC_9600DSC_9600 DSC_9594DSC_9594 DSC_9618DSC_9618 DSC_9626DSC_9626 DSC_9604DSC_9604 DSC_9571DSC_9571

DSC_9003DSC_9003 DSC_2862DSC_2862

Now the party begins...

DSC_3098DSC_3098 DSC_3159DSC_3159 DSC_3164DSC_3164 DSC_3165DSC_3165 DSC_3172DSC_3172

DSC_0024DSC_0024 DSC_0012DSC_0012 DSC_0027DSC_0027 DSC_0042DSC_0042 DSC_0080DSC_0080

Casie and her grandfather

DSC_0086DSC_0086 DSC_0117DSC_0117 DSC_0108DSC_0108 DSC_3154DSC_3154 DSC_3180DSC_3180 DSC_3146DSC_3146 DSC_3022DSC_3022

One more shot of Casie with her grandpa... That light!


Bouquet toss...

DSC_0159DSC_0159 DSC_3532DSC_3532 DSC_3542DSC_3542

See that little dot at the top of your screen...We caught that quick little passing flower in the air!  ;)


The night is winding down, last dance on their wedding day...

DSC_0210DSC_0210 DSC_0208DSC_0208 DSC_0218DSC_0218 DSC_0224DSC_0224

Sparkler exit..

DSC_0234DSC_0234 DSC_3651DSC_3651 DSC_0245eDSC_0245e DSC_0247DSC_0247



Congratulations Casie & Andrew on your wedding!  I wish the two of you a wonderful married life through good times and bad!  Thank you for letting me and my second shooter, Linden Claire Photography, capture these for you!




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