Brad & Jennifer's "Pink" Wedding! ~ {Marriage}

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This past Saturday, Oct. 24th, 2016, Brad & Jennifer were married at Mill Creek Baptist Church in Monroe, NC.  It was one of the sweetest weddings that I've been to recently for so many different reasons.  One of the reasons, was these two (and Sheri, Jennifer's mom) have such welcoming personalities. Over the course an engagement, I've come to know my brides and their families pretty well...Sometimes you just click to the point that at the end of their wedding day, it's a bit bittersweet that I won't be working with them as closely; Otherwise, they feel like friends to me.  On the flip side of that, as tiring as weddings are, it's awesome to be able to capture all the details that make up "their day" and to witness some of the most profound and sentimental moments of their lives!  Jennifer and Brad had several moments throughout the events of this past Saturday, that made their wedding really special.  I'll try to "tell the story" through out these pictures.  Enjoy their beautiful wedding! 

DSC_2021DSC_2021 DSC_2023DSC_2023

When I first met with Jennifer and her mom back in January, I remember being super excited when they were talking about her colors for this wedding.  Of course, PINK is perfect!  ;)  Actually, when I see the colors of her wedding, immediately I see "Blush & Bashful" from the movie Steel Magnolias. 


THE    D R E S S!!!!!

DSC_0123DSC_0123 DSC_0124DSC_0124

Blingy detail...


Back view...




Her bouquet was made by her sister-in-law out of beautiful brooches... DSC_0082DSC_0082

Up close of one of the brooches..


This special pin is one of her deceased grandfather's pins.. DSC_0087DSC_0087

Becoming Mrs. Batson requires a "B"   ;)


And THE  S H O E S  Oh, dear goodness!  Need I say more, I love them as much as the dress!  She had them custom made.  She was able to choose her own design, colors and crystals!


Side detail of the shoes.. DSC_0022wmDSC_0022wm

And up close of the bow.  Not only do I love this bow shot for the beautiful shoes that they are but to all my photog loving friends...The Bokeh! DSC_0052wmDSC_0052wm


Her earrings...

DSC_0045DSC_0045 DSC_0066DSC_0066

This beautiful Bible has a story...You'll see below! DSC_0060DSC_0060

Grandma's hankie Jennifer carried... DSC_0093DSC_0093

The rings... DSC_0957DSC_0957

This Bible was part of how Brad proposed to Jennifer.  To me, that takes a real man to keep God at the center of their beginning...He highlighted this well known passage in Corinthians when he asked for her hand in marriage so it just felt fitting to include it with their rings. DSC_0955DSC_0955 DSC_0951DSC_0951

The beautiful bride herself, starting to get ready...

DSC_0163DSC_0163 DSC_0108DSC_0108 DSC_0177DSC_0177

Sweet mints lying on the bathroom counter... DSC_0175DSC_0175

Jennifer and her mom! DSC_0154DSC_0154 DSC_0193DSC_0193 DSC_0185DSC_0185

Sherry stepping in her beautiful gown... DSC_0202DSC_0202 DSC_0178DSC_0178

Meanwhile, this handsome fella was waiting for moment to say "I DO"...


Just slipped into her dress...

DSC_0233DSC_0233 DSC_0249DSC_0249

Oh. my. word!  Jennifer, you were a gorgeous bride! LCH_8009eLCH_8009e

This next shot was a request by her mother.  Jennifer looking to our Saviour.



Their daddy/daughter first look was one of the sweetest ever.  Her dad obviously had not seen her in her dress, up until this point.  We brought him out with his eyes closed and back against her.  Jennifer walked toward her dad, tapped him on the shoulder and then they both cried the most humble, quiet tears.  But what made this so special to me was the respect that they seem to have for one another.  I remember distinctly what Jennifer said to her dad...She thanked him for all the years he had worked hard and the years he had put in at his currant place of employment.  To me, that showed a daughter who understands just what her dad has done for her.  DSC_0309DSC_0309 DSC_0316DSC_0316 DSC_0318DSC_0318 LCH_8042LCH_8042 DSC_0325DSC_0325 DSC_0341DSC_0341


Ceremony time... DSC_0378DSC_0378 DSC_0370DSC_0370 DSC_0397DSC_0397 DSC_0385DSC_0385

She's seeing Brad waiting for her at the alter...


And this shot, so raw and unplanned.  Her daddy their to wipe her happy tears... DSC_0431DSC_0431 LCH_8069LCH_8069 LCH_8076LCH_8076 LCH_8071LCH_8071 DSC_0438DSC_0438 DSC_0439DSC_0439 DSC_0441DSC_0441 DSC_0442DSC_0442 DSC_0447DSC_0447 DSC_0474DSC_0474 DSC_0451DSC_0451 DSC_0454DSC_0454 DSC_0481DSC_0481

Exchanging of rings... DSC_0498DSC_0498 DSC_0501DSC_0501 DSC_0516DSC_0516

Brad sealing the deal...

DSC_0534DSC_0534 DSC_0549DSC_0549

I think he's proud of his new bride...

DSC_0556DSC_0556 DSC_0745DSC_0745


Reception time  -  Monroe Country Club DSC_6779eDSC_6779e

But before the party started, we spent some quiet time capturing a few pictures of the new bride and groom...


This one = Giant size canvas!

DSC_0915eDSC_0915e DSC_0771DSC_0771 DSC_0811DSC_0811 DSC_0897eDSC_0897e

This candid shot walking to the green is one of my favorites... DSC_0799DSC_0799

DSC_0894eDSC_0894e DSC_0945DSC_0945

Inside the country club, the tables were beautifully adorned as a surprise to Jennifer and Brad by Jennifer's mother.  Sherry, you did a fabulous job!  Absolutely gorgeous!


DSC_1151DSC_1151 DSC_1157DSC_1157 DSC_1050DSC_1050 DSC_1220DSC_1220 DSC_1158DSC_1158 LCH_8454LCH_8454 LCH_8381LCH_8381 LCH_8374LCH_8374 LCH_8372LCH_8372 LCH_8376LCH_8376 LCH_8361LCH_8361 DSC_1243DSC_1243 DSC_1277DSC_1277 DSC_1273DSC_1273 DSC_1281DSC_1281 DSC_1005DSC_1005 DSC_1225DSC_1225

"Mr. & Mrs. Brad Batson"

DSC_1025DSC_1025 DSC_1028DSC_1028 DSC_1037DSC_1037 DSC_1056DSC_1056 DSC_1037DSC_1037

Daddy/daughter first dance DSC_1072DSC_1072

With momma look on... DSC_1088DSC_1088

Mother/Son first dance...


with dad watching from afar... DSC_1124DSC_1124


She opted to have a photo booth, they're always so much fun! DSC_1257DSC_1257

LCH_8688LCH_8688 LCH_8702LCH_8702

Dinner Time... DSC_1003DSC_1003


I just love this shot of Brad...


And guest throughout the night... DSC_1196DSC_1196 LCH_8532LCH_8532 DSC_1001DSC_1001 DSC_1020DSC_1020 DSC_1194DSC_1194 DSC_1162DSC_1162 DSC_1223DSC_1223

Time for the cake cutting...

DSC_1283DSC_1283 DSC_1292DSC_1292 DSC_1289DSC_1289 LCH_8491LCH_8491 DSC_1285DSC_1285 LCH_8505LCH_8505 LCH_8518LCH_8518

Dancing followed...

LCH_8581LCH_8581 LCH_8588LCH_8588 LCH_8613LCH_8613

Stole Jennifer away for a bit to catch this shot...I love!


A sparkler exit wrapped up their night but it was only the beginning of what I hope is many years of happiness for these two.  I've enjoyed so much being able to capture your wedding and even your engagement over the past few months!

DSC_1582eDSC_1582e DSC_1579DSC_1579

Jennifer & Brad (and Sherry also), I want to thank you for being so wonderful to work with.  You truly have been a pleasure!  I wish the two of you the very happiest life together. Know you're enjoying your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic!














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