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Staci's Bridal Sesh (And a Few From Their Wedding)

June 15, 2014  •  5 Comments

Yesterday, Staci and Adam say "I do".  I will be posting their full blog post soon but in the mean time, here is Staci's bridal portraits and handful from their wedding. 

Back in April, we met up at the coast for her bridal shoot.  The exact location, Huntington Beach State Park, where she met her high school sweet heart, Adam.  It was a perfect and fun girls weekend spent with her mom, sister, grandmother and two of her closest aunts.  Preparations started early with this beautiful bride and the pictures show just how excited she is to beginning this new stage of her life. 

Hold on for a long blog post full of tons of pictures, I had a hard time narrowing down which images to post...many, many favorites!

Here's the newlyweds...



And a few from their wedding.





Now onto Staci's bridals...


DSC_7878eDSC_7878e DSC_8255eDSC_8255e DSC_7992eDSC_7992e DSC_8079ebwDSC_8079ebw DSC_7903eDSC_7903e DSC_8186eggDSC_8186egg DSC_8038eDSC_8038e DSC_8111eDSC_8111e DSC_8456eDSC_8456e DSC_8421eDSC_8421e DSC_8025eDSC_8025e DSC_7885eDSC_7885e DSC_8197ebwDSC_8197ebw

DSC_7876eDSC_7876e DSC_8437eDSC_8437e

DSC_8263eDSC_8263e DSC_8186eggDSC_8186egg DSC_8473eDSC_8473e DSC_8486eDSC_8486e DSC_8206ebwDSC_8206ebw DSC_8034eDSC_8034e DSC_8236eDSC_8236e

With Adam's bow


DSC_7976eDSC_7976e DSC_8100eDSC_8100e DSC_8187eDSC_8187e DSC_817eDSC_817e


Thanks again Staci and Adam for letting capture this journey with you!  Check back soon for a full "Wedding" blog post!


Bobbie Brown(non-registered)
Love these!! Okay, group shots are not easy, and you did an amazing job on these! You got so many different images - love the location! My fav's (I actually made a list! ha!) are numbers 7, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26 and 33 -- love love love those!!
I love your location...Atalaya is gorgeous! You got such a variety of shots...great work! And those wedding party pics on the porch are wonderful. It's hard to get a large group like that posed and those look great!
Teresa Sandifer(non-registered)
Such a beautiful young lady and these pics are gorgeous!
carmen harkins(non-registered)
Gorgeous bride and gorgeous pictures!!!! Rourke and Talan love the pictures too.
Janice McCathern(non-registered)
I love them Staci & Adam.........These photo's are great!!! Thank-you for sharing your special day with us!!! Glad I got to be a part of your special day! Love you both. Molly Davis done one of the best jobs with your photo's I think I have ever seen.....Loved watching her catch many priceless moments in your life. Awesome Job Molly Davis!!!!
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