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Click of the Wild ~ Focus: {Bokeh}

May 27, 2014  •  2 Comments

So this weeks challenge over at COTW is "Bokeh".  Bokeh has always intrigued me in photography, to me it can turn an average image into a "wow" image!  In photography,  bokeh is the portion of the image that is out of focus...In other words, the blur that you are used to seeing that separates the subject from the background is the bokeh.  My favorite is when you have lights (especially colored) in the background.   Simply put, it can make the image quite magical! 

fluffly bokehfluffly bokeh

Davis Christmas card '10 026Davis Christmas card '10 026 Hinson wedding (368)Hinson wedding (368) DSC_8589eDSC_8589e DSC_2210eeDSC_2210ee

So there you have it, here is my examples of bokeh! 


These are gorgeous! Especially the one you chose, I love that it's in black and white! And the party with the tree lights in the background does look magical...great shots!!
Bobbie Brown(non-registered)
great examples :) I love that last shot Molly!
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