Kelsey & Trey Tie the Knot! {Wedding}

May 11, 2014  •  6 Comments

A 5:00pm backyard ceremony was the setting for Kelsey & Trey to be wed at the home of where she grew up.  When I arrived around 1:30 and the sun was shining, presenting the perfect weather for this afternoon May wedding.  While Kelsey was preparing to meet her soon-to-husband, the storm were gathering overhead.  But even with everyone keeping a close watch on the radar, she didn't let that stop her from enjoying her day.  In fact, she was one of the most relaxed brides and truly seem to enjoy every minute of her day.  It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful wedding with many friends and family to celebrate their new beginning.  Here is a recap of their beautiful wedding!

DSC_3425eDSC_3425e DSC_3523eDSC_3523e DSC_3536eDSC_3536e

This beautiful arbor was built by Trey!!!



DSC_3730eDSC_3730e DSC_3570eDSC_3570e DSC_3581eDSC_3581e DSC_3636eDSC_3636e

Loved this on her night stand DSC_3666eDSC_3666e DSC_3675eDSC_3675e DSC_3670eDSC_3670e DSC_3748eDSC_3748e

Favorite ring shot ever!  The shadow hearts, the fifth verse...all of it! DSC_3661eDSC_3661e DSC_3626eDSC_3626e DSC_3562eDSC_3562e

It's time to get ready! DSC_3814bwDSC_3814bw DSC_3754eDSC_3754e DSC_3833eDSC_3833e DSC_3765eDSC_3765e

Love the sweet text messages between the two of them from earlier last week. DSC_3722eDSC_3722e DSC_3821eDSC_3821e DSC_3831eDSC_3831e DSC_3936bwDSC_3936bw

Momma helping with the last minute touches.

DSC_3865eDSC_3865e DSC_3874eDSC_3874e

Sisters are the best! DSC_3897eDSC_3897e

Watching the rain...


Hugs from her momma.


Kelsey reading a card just given to her from her grandparents. DSC_3957eDSC_3957e

Last minute sister support!


Kelsy heading out to meet her dad for his "first look".

DSC_3994eDSC_3994e DSC_3997eDSC_3997e DSC_3999eDSC_3999e DSC_4000eDSC_4000e


DSC_4001eDSC_4001e DSC_4002eDSC_4002e DSC_4003eDSC_4003e DSC_4004eDSC_4004e DSC_4006eDSC_4006e DSC_4008eDSC_4008e DSC_4012eDSC_4012e DSC_4016eDSC_4016e

Her dad and grandfather watching the rain.


Last minute radar checks... DSC_4110eDSC_4110e

No peeking! 






Body language says a lot! DSC_4325eDSC_4325e DSC_4152eDSC_4152e

Trey's first look! (But check out Momma's too!)


DSC_4485eDSC_4485e DSC_4230eDSC_4230e


DSC_4221eDSC_4221e DSC_4222eDSC_4222e DSC_4337eDSC_4337e DSC_4350eDSC_4350e DSC_4356eDSC_4356e

DSC_4237eDSC_4237e DSC_4244eDSC_4244e DSC_4252eDSC_4252e

Parents of the groom


DSC_4512eDSC_4512e DSC_4536eDSC_4536e DSC_4673DSC_4673



DSC_9011eDSC_9011e DSC_8891eDSC_8891e

DSC_8677eDSC_8677e DSC_9061eDSC_9061e


DSC_8929bwDSC_8929bw DSC_8843eDSC_8843e DSC_8739eDSC_8739e DSC_8719eDSC_8719e DSC_9014eDSC_9014e DSC_4666eDSC_4666e DSC_4590eDSC_4590e

She and her sisters are just so much fun!


I think her brothers have her back!

DSC_4649eDSC_4649e DSC_4733eDSC_4733e


DSC_3437eDSC_3437e DSC_3435eDSC_3435e

DSC_3449eDSC_3449e DSC_3459eDSC_3459e DSC_3464eDSC_3464e DSC_4768eDSC_4768e DSC_4769eDSC_4769e DSC_4791eDSC_4791e DSC_4797eDSC_4797e DSC_4763eDSC_4763e DSC_4802eDSC_4802e DSC_3463eDSC_3463e DSC_3481eDSC_3481e DSC_3467eDSC_3467e DSC_3511eDSC_3511e DSC_3443eDSC_3443e

DSC_3498eDSC_3498e DSC_4756eDSC_4756e DSC_3433eDSC_3433e DSC_4788eDSC_4788e DSC_4826eDSC_4826e

DSC_4972eDSC_4972e DSC_4887eDSC_4887e DSC_4893eDSC_4893e DSC_4846eDSC_4846e

DSC_5219DSC_5219 DSC_4960eDSC_4960e DSC_4926eDSC_4926e DSC_4962eDSC_4962e DSC_4987eDSC_4987e DSC_4995eDSC_4995e DSC_4999eDSC_4999e DSC_5004eDSC_5004e DSC_5010eDSC_5010e DSC_5021eDSC_5021e DSC_5058eDSC_5058e DSC_5082eDSC_5082e DSC_5093eDSC_5093e DSC_5097eDSC_5097e DSC_5101eDSC_5101e DSC_5108eDSC_5108e DSC_5117DSC_5117 DSC_5133eDSC_5133e DSC_5179eDSC_5179e DSC_5181eDSC_5181e

DSC_5162eDSC_5162e DSC_5188eDSC_5188e

Thanks so much Mr. & Mrs. Welch for letting me be a part of your day!  Wishing you man, many years for happiness together!



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Oh Molly I have gone through this blog so many time and smile every single time!! It's like I relive our special day over and over again!! You captured moments that I will hold dear to my heart forever!!! Thank you for being part of our day!! :)
Bobbie Brown(non-registered)
Molly, these pictures are simply gorgeous!!!! The details and the emotions that you captured... love!! I especially love that first shot of her and two of her sisters, and that dress shot hanging in the window is amazing!! And her 'first look' with her Dad... those moments are priceless. love those so much!! The shot of her and Trey at the table from behind... LOVE that one too! And that shot of her with the dogwood blooms is stunning. Ah! I could go on, but I'll stop now! Loved seeing this post! Congrats on capturing another gorgeous wedding in the rain! You go girl!!! And Congrats to Trey and Kelsey, I hope your having so much fun (and sun) on your honeymoon!!
Molly, these are wonderful! You captured a full wedding day with all the emotions and I love them all! That picture of Kelsey with the dogwoods is breathtaking. And the capture of Sherry with her granddaughter is just precious. The posed and the candid shots are all great and you switched gears between the two like a pro...which you are! Love them!
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