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Sarah & Dan...It's a Wedding!

September 23, 2013  •  20 Comments

Meet Dan & Sarah.  Saturday, wedding bells rang out for this beautiful couple beneath the oak trees of Dan's sister's home.  It was an intimate ceremony with just their immediate families and a few of their closest friends.  After the official "I Do's", the love continued to  overflow with the fellowship from their extended family and friends in the back yard of where Sarah grew up...Home!  It was a beautiful beginning to what I hope is many years of happiness for these two!

With each wedding that I get to be a part of, I realize just how much I love photographing these moments.  It's an excitement that is truly once in a lifetime.  Most brides, if not all, have probably dreamed of this day for a long, long time.  Even rehearsing this day, while they played make-believe as a child.  So, to witness these two and their families as they mesh into one big family, is pretty awesome to say the least!  Here is a recap of Dan and Sarah's special day! Enjoy!

Home prepared for the wedding...


In the picture above, you'll notice a swing on the far left side.  I couldn't help but wonder how many times Sarah must have played on that over the years.

The day is here!!!!



Anxiously preparing to meet her groom!  Love that Sarah chose to wear one of Dan's shirts instead of a robe as she got dressed!



This next shot was a request of her Momma's...Sarah's wedding gown side by side to her Christening gown.

DSC_7812e - CopyDSC_7812e - Copy

Beautiful shoes!

DSC_7818e - CopyDSC_7818e - Copy DSC_7904eDSC_7904e DSC_7950eDSC_7950e DSC_7910eDSC_7910e

A mother's last minute touches!

DSC_7986eDSC_7986e DSC_8020eDSC_8020e

Sister's getting ready...


Handsome men!

DSC_8056eDSC_8056e DSC_7917eDSC_7917e

He is too cute for words!


The handsome groom!


I love this next image.  The mother of the groom needed her own father's love at this moment. 

DSC_8092eDSC_8092e DSC_8109eDSC_8109e

Here comes the bride!

DSC_8125eDSC_8125e DSC_8139eDSC_8139e

DSC_8227eDSC_8227e DSC_8229eDSC_8229e DSC_8146eDSC_8146e DSC_8159eDSC_8159e DSC_8434eDSC_8434e DSC_8503eDSC_8503e DSC_8396eDSC_8396e DSC_8374eDSC_8374e Sarah Watson Bridal 155eSarah Watson Bridal 155e DSC_8493eDSC_8493e DSC_8408eDSC_8408e Sarah Watson Bridal 265eSarah Watson Bridal 265e

Sarah you are radiant in this next picture!

Sarah Watson Bridal 178eSarah Watson Bridal 178e

Momma and her boy!

DSC_8264eDSC_8264e DSC_8206eDSC_8206e DSC_8261eDSC_8261e DSC_8288eDSC_8288e This next image makes you just feel good!

DSC_8313eDSC_8313e DSC_8351eDSC_8351e



Now time to celebrate!



Candy bar! DSC_8527eDSC_8527e DSC_8521eDSC_8521e DSC_8516eDSC_8516e DSC_8528eDSC_8528e DSC_8549eDSC_8549e DSC_7788e - CopyDSC_7788e - Copy DSC_7856e - CopyDSC_7856e - Copy DSC_8592eDSC_8592e DSC_7870e - CopyDSC_7870e - Copy


Love this memory board!

DSC_7850e - CopyDSC_7850e - Copy


DSC_8663eDSC_8663e DSC_8559eDSC_8559e DSC_8538eDSC_8538e DSC_8558eDSC_8558e DSC_8044eDSC_8044e DSC_8704eDSC_8704e DSC_8706eDSC_8706e DSC_8748eDSC_8748e


One last goodbye! DSC_8763eDSC_8763e DSC_8728eDSC_8728e DSC_8784eDSC_8784e DSC_8498eDSC_8498e

Congrats Sarah & Dan...Wishing many years of happiness as you both spread your own wings together!

DSC_7875e - CopyDSC_7875e - Copy

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding!


Wow, Molly! These pics are amazing! Beautiful couple! And I LOVE that cake!!
These are all just beautiful! You did a great job capturing a beautiful , special day and they will treasure these forever!!!
Nacole Mangum(non-registered)
These are beautiful! Your love of photography is evident in your work and you do a great job capturing a moment as it happens! Each one has a 'realness' to it! I loved them all!!
Every picture is beautiful, Molly! I'll be honest with that weather I doubted how they may turn out.. Wow is all I can they! You are awesome and you had a beautiful couple to work with! You captured the very best moments!
Marcia Clanton(non-registered)
These photos are wonderful!! Like Julie said, it seems like you are just reading a book! Beautiful shots!
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