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Lil' Twigs {Handmade and Upcycled Props}

March 28, 2015  •  1 Comment

I'm excited about a tad bit of new information.  MTH Photography and Lil' Twigs are teaming up to offer beautiful new props for you to customize your own shoots!  For years I've worked with Monica over at Lil' Twigs in creating one of a kind props for many of my clients.  She truly has such and art at creating unique but timeless addition with her handmade items.  From crochet baby hats, blankets and diaper cover to her upcycled clothing props, Monica, does a wonderful job to help customize a look specifically for your little one.  If you're preparing for an upcoming newborn shoot or even a childhood days shoot and want something to give your photos a little something extra, check out her etsy store in the link provided and feel free to shoot her an email.  You can now access her store through a link on my home page.  Check back often as her inventory changes frequently.  Here is an example of some of her work. 

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These photos and props are gorgeous!!!
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