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Love is in the Air...Cameron & Katie's Wedding

March 02, 2014  •  14 Comments

March 1st, 2014 was the date this couple chose for their wedding day.  It was a bit chilly on this Saturday afternoon but that didn’t stop the excitement of Katie and Cameron's big day. I arrived to the "getting ready" house of Katie's sisters.  Her hair stylist, family members and Katie's closest friend were running around and helping her prepare for her big day! The energy was contagious. As Katie sat in the beautiful guest room and had her hair & makeup done, I was able to shoot all the details.  The setting was perfect with beautiful backdrops around every corner I turned.  One of my favorites was a couple of coral colored chairs that were Katie's grandmother Mangum's!  (Of course, we had to include those in pictures.)  The lighting was absolutely gorgeous, making this part of a wedding so much fun!!!  Enjoy!

The Dress!!!


DSC_4165eDSC_4165e DSC_4120eDSC_4120e DSC_4137eDSC_4137e DSC_4127eDSC_4127e

Love this text between the two of them from earlier in the week! DSC_4162eDSC_4162e

DSC_4196eDSC_4196e DSC_4059eDSC_4059e DSC_4218eDSC_4218e DSC_4192eDSC_4192e DSC_4071eDSC_4071e DSC_4230eDSC_4230e DSC_4212eDSC_4212e DSC_4238eDSC_4238e DSC_4322eDSC_4322e

DSC_4095DSC_4095 DSC_4312eDSC_4312e DSC_4341eDSC_4341e DSC_4451eDSC_4451e DSC_4347eDSC_4347e

Katie, y0ou are radient.


Here is Katie on her grandmother's chairs, she may have gone on but still a part of this day. DSC_4290eDSC_4290e DSC_4279eDSC_4279e DSC_4300eDSC_4300e DSC_4328eDSC_4328e

Before the guest arrived!


DSC_4376eDSC_4376e DSC_4428eDSC_4428e DSC_4444eDSC_4444e DSC_4381eDSC_4381e DSC_4474eDSC_4474e DSC_4479eDSC_4479e DSC_4496eDSC_4496e

Cameron seeing his bride for the first time...

DSC_4488eDSC_4488e DSC_4524eDSC_4524e

Even the littles showing her respect during prayer...

DSC_4560eDSC_4560e DSC_4544eDSC_4544e DSC_4482eDSC_4482e

I LOVE this next picture of this pretty little girl who was checking out what I was doing. DSC_4467eDSC_4467e

Watching their boy begin his new life with Katie.


DSC_4524eDSC_4524e DSC_4571eDSC_4571e

It's official!!!

DSC_4575eDSC_4575e It


DSC_4683eDSC_4683e DSC_4718eDSC_4718e DSC_4711eDSC_4711e DSC_4746ebwDSC_4746ebw These next two kept me entertained while I was waiting on "Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Simpson" to greet the crowd! DSC_4756eDSC_4756e DSC_4765eDSC_4765e

This beautiful cake was made by her sister, Tasha!

DSC_4394eDSC_4394e DSC_4400eDSC_4400e


Mingling with the guest! DSC_4858eDSC_4858e DSC_4813eDSC_4813e DSC_4841eDSC_4841e DSC_4863eDSC_4863e DSC_4852eDSC_4852e


DSC_4993eDSC_4993e DSC_4884eDSC_4884e DSC_4922eDSC_4922e DSC_4964eDSC_4964e DSC_4956eDSC_4956e

DSC_4999eDSC_4999e DSC_4972eDSC_4972e DSC_4977eDSC_4977e DSC_5074eDSC_5074e

Katie receiving some love from two of her closest friends. DSC_5045eDSC_5045e

Which soon turned to this...lol DSC_5046eDSC_5046e DSC_5113eDSC_5113e DSC_5119eDSC_5119e DSC_5141eDSC_5141e

Happy wedding to the both of you, Katie & Cameron!!!  Thank you so much for letting be part of your day...Wishing a lifetime of happiness!!!


Debbie Simpson(non-registered)
Molly, The pictures are absolutely incredible!! Thank you for a job well done!!
Melanie Huntley(non-registered)
Well you did it again! Beautiful job Molly and some pretty special subjects too! Katie was a beautiful bride and you captured it perfectly. I loved the picture of Brookie during the prayer. Lovely family and wedding - I know these will be treasured for years to com.
Holly Austin(non-registered)
Awesome job Molly! Katie was a beautiful bride!
Meredith Huntley(non-registered)
These are all great! Katie you are gorgeous, such a stunning bride! Great job Molly!
julie clanton(non-registered)
stunning molly! katie you are radiant, absolutelt beautiful...
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