Another Episode of "Click of The Wild" Focus: {PINK}

January 07, 2014  •  5 Comments

So this weeks episode of Click of the Wild was a tough one for me.  It was one that I thought would come easily simply because I live in a house of girls and my love for all things pink.  But when push came to shove, I struggled. The intent of Click of the Wild was to help us stretch outside of our comfort zone and this weeks increment proved to do exactly that.  To be honest, I staged several different pink venues but all were a fail, as in a complete flop. 

That's when I stumbled on this next image...literally!  So, after I nearly dropped my other love, me and my camera captured this weeks focus...PINK!  Not my favorite but it's real life...where I am right now and that feels right!


Pink crochet...Timeless!


And well, Lucy, she's my best friend every morning for the simple fact that she holds my drink of! 

DSC_0648eDSC_0648e Today is Arlie's first ice skating lesson...Her birthday gift!  We're a little excited!   (Yes, that is a Christmas tree in the back ground.  Don't judge...It's not March yet!)


We like PINK around here!  Even bring out my handy tool kit quite often, honestly, bet that I use this little thing weekly.


So there you have it.  A look into my life might find you a good bit of pink...hey, what can I say, I'm a girl!  See ya next time!


Bobbie Brown(non-registered)
Love these! You got plenty of great pink shots! What were you talking about?!
I love your pink Lucy cup!
Peggy Harris(non-registered)
I'm thinking that you just MAY get the BLUE RIBBON!!!!!!
Alicia Damron(non-registered)
Okay, I love these little glimpses into your life...and the Lucy coffee cup made me laugh, love it!
Awesome Molly!!! I love these posts!!!
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