Click of the Wild ~ Focus: "This Moment"

February 03, 2014  •  3 Comments

"This Moment"...Oh, how it could mean so many things.  Over the past two weeks, I have lugged my "big" camera with me everywhere in an attempt to capture the here and now as in "This Moment" in our lives.  And now, I'll be honest, I'm ready to put my camera down!  Let's face it, toting a very energetic two year old around is tough enough even without the camera but when you add that, a diaper bag, and purse to the mix, my arms are full!  But now, looking back at some of these images, I'm so glad that I have them, especially these of my big girl.  You see, she started ice skating lessons a few weeks ago and has totally fallen in love with it, as in hook, line and sinker.  You can tell, when she is on the ice, she is completely in her element.  So, I thought I wanted capture this time in this weeks Focus at Click of the Wild

This first image is the one I chose to go with in the end.  On this particular day, we got to the rink a little early which allowed us to watch some of the more advanced skaters on Ithe ice as they were practicing.  Truly, it is amazing to see some of the talent that some of these kids have.  They are so graceful gliding across the ice and they make spinning in the air look as easy as tying their shoes.  To me, this picture says so much with her facial expressions alone...I can tell what she is thinking just by what was captured in this candid moment. 




Lacing up! DSC_1652eDSC_1652e

One night after work, it was actually warm enough for us to head outside for a little while and let the kids play. DSC_1522eDSC_1522e

Watching "sissy"! 


The school bell just rang out! DSC_1569eDSC_1569e


And we'll bring an end to this post like the sun going down behind the trees in this picture.  Here, my girl in one of her many cartwheels that she's done while we were out enjoying this past Sunday afternoon!   DSC_1856eDSC_1856e

"This Moment" focus phrase/word belongs to Bobbie this go round, wonder what our next challenge will be...We shall see!


That first pic of Arlie is great! You can tell she is wanting to get out there! And the pic of Cambria's legs is adorable. Cute shoes:)
Bobbie Brown(non-registered)
Molly! I love your images! That one of Arlie lacing up is especially awesome! But the others are so gorgeous too! Cambria's little legs... ohhh!
Alicia Damron(non-registered)
I think it's so cool that Arlie is taking ice skating lessons and I love the look on her face! The colors in that first bike shot are awesome and Cambria's little legs are precious! Great job on this focus!
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