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Click of the Wild ~ Focus: {Street Photography}

March 31, 2014  •  9 Comments

Ok, so it's almost 11:00pm and I'm sliding in by the skin of my teeth with this last minute blog post.  Since it's so late, I'm tired and have 4 loads of laundry that need to be folded before I go to bed, I'm going to let my pictures do the talking.  It's Click of the Wild time again and this week's focus for COTW is "Street Photography".  This first image was my final selection for this focus but there are several others that I seriously love for more than one reason.  Love the urban feel but also the subject...one of the sweetest girls I know, my niece!  Enjoy!

And now the rest that were in the running!

And this last image, well, I took it one day last week when had to go uptown for my day job.  Just kinda thought it was cool although I think that cab driver thought I had lost my mind when I asked him for his permission to grab this shot.  See ya next time!

Click of the Wild ~ Focus: {Tried and True}

March 17, 2014  •  7 Comments

So this week's focus for Click of the Wild is "Tried and True".  I knew exactly what it meant to me...How I interpreted "Tried and true".  I just hope I can do it just justice with my words and the pictures explaining why I chose a couple of incredible people as this week's challenge. 

You see, when I think of this phrase, my first thought is of a specific couple.  These two people are salt of the earth people, as in the real deal!  Who are they you might ask?  Boots and Wade, my aunt and uncle.  This loving couple is truly one of a kind, unlike any other. They are the epitome of southern charm and gentleness.  

This day and time, it's rare to see marriages work; two people that stay together through thick and thin.  But these two high school sweethearts have endured with true loyalty, and will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary on December 11th.  I share my birthday with their anniversary and when I was a child, we would invite them for supper, but many times they had plans and couldn't come.  At the time, I didn't understand, but now as an adult I imagine that's why they've made it 65 years...They've put each other first, truly enjoying one another's company for as far back as I can remember. 

Through the years when growing up, we celebrated Christmas and the love of our family in the living room of their home.  Crystal glasses, and fine flatware adorned the tables where we enjoyed our annual Christmas dinner.  Upon arriving, we were greeted with a warmth that will always be some of my fondest memories. They had a beautifully decorated home with all the traditional reminders of the season.  Not a end table or wall was untouched.  Christmas holly and silver bells were the embellishments throughout the walls of their classic 1920's home.  During this this time of year, aunt Boots replaced every picture in her home with ones that matched the season.  But even with all the glittery accents that was so welcoming, the warmth in their hugs are what I remember the most.  Truly, the contentment of their smiles as they out stretched their arms in love, was a comfort that has been unmatched. 

Entering the kitchen, you would find Aunt Boots adding crackers to the fruit and cheese table and Uncle Wade filling ice in the glasses.  A German Chocolate cake would be displayed beautifully just waiting to be eaten by all the Helms kin.  The Potato stuffing was certain to be "the best this year" acclaimed by specific family members that sincerely enjoyed our family's traditional Christmas meal.  Then Uncle Wade would gather all of us around the kitchen to say grace. Grace...a prayer that truly came from his heart, one that sticks with me even until this very day.  The humbleness in his words still touch me.  Never a prayer was said without him asking our Lord to help us serve Him better through the nourishment we were getting ready to partake of.  His words were real and sincere, not for show...Just a humble plea as a Christian man striving to do His will each and every day.  I can remember at times, he would be so moved, that his voice would quiver with emotions of his plea.  And that's who he is, a man of character, not ashamed to live with Christ leading his life. 

Here is my final choice...These images truly represent their love and devotion!

I had a hard time choosing which image to post for COTW, but these next few pictures were in the running as well.

Oh, that golden band...

There you have, two of the most genuine people you'll ever meet!  Love you both!

Love is in the Air...Cameron & Katie's Wedding

March 02, 2014  •  14 Comments

March 1st, 2014 was the date this couple chose for their wedding day.  It was a bit chilly on this Saturday afternoon but that didn’t stop the excitement of Katie and Cameron's big day. I arrived to the "getting ready" house of Katie's sisters.  Her hair stylist, family members and Katie's closest friend were running around and helping her prepare for her big day! The energy was contagious. As Katie sat in the beautiful guest room and had her hair & makeup done, I was able to shoot all the details.  The setting was perfect with beautiful backdrops around every corner I turned.  One of my favorites was a couple of coral colored chairs that were Katie's grandmother Mangum's!  (Of course, we had to include those in pictures.)  The lighting was absolutely gorgeous, making this part of a wedding so much fun!!!  Enjoy!

The Dress!!!

Love this text between the two of them from earlier in the week!

Katie, y0ou are radient.

Here is Katie on her grandmother's chairs, she may have gone on but still a part of this day.

Before the guest arrived!

Cameron seeing his bride for the first time...

Even the littles showing her respect during prayer...

I LOVE this next picture of this pretty little girl who was checking out what I was doing.

Watching their boy begin his new life with Katie.

It's official!!!


These next two kept me entertained while I was waiting on "Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Simpson" to greet the crowd!

This beautiful cake was made by her sister, Tasha!

Mingling with the guest!


Katie receiving some love from two of her closest friends.

Which soon turned to this...lol

Happy wedding to the both of you, Katie & Cameron!!!  Thank you so much for letting be part of your day...Wishing a lifetime of happiness!!!

Click of the Wild ~ Focus: {Love}

February 18, 2014  •  1 Comment

"Love" is today's focus for Click of the Wild.  And well, since I like to paint rainbows in the sky of a world that's not always so colorful, bear with me while I slip on my rose colored glasses and play with this focus word for a minute.  "Love", can wear so many different faces but today's pictures express love on a much lighter note, with a positive but fun perception of the "L" word.  With my final choice, I see "love" through chubby toddler hands, grasping colorful candy hearts that each contain a love letter of their very own.  (Don't judge, I warned you I was slipping on the glasses.  ha!) 

When I heard what our focus would be for this weeks challenge, I had an idea of the perfect example of how I interpret "love" and the way I view it through my eyes. Truth is, love, like the tried and true, real deal is serious business.  And what I had planned to capture was the real thing but unfortunately, the timing just didn't allow me to achieve that image, so instead I decided to take this down a much lighter path.  Here are pictures that were in the running for this weeks challenge.

Heart shaped PB & J topped with candy sprinkles for my girls.  Sprinkles make anything better, it's like jewelry for your food.  ;)  Told ya I was gonna see things a little rosy.


Little Debbie, what's not to love about her???

See what I mean, little love letters on sweet candy hearts.  Happy Tuesday, folks.  It's February, go out and spread some love.  In the mean time, go check out how my other photogs interpret love.  There's some good stuff over at COTW this week. 

And that's my feel good, fun way of showing love on a much lighter note! 

Click of the Wild ~ Focus: "This Moment"

February 03, 2014  •  3 Comments

"This Moment"...Oh, how it could mean so many things.  Over the past two weeks, I have lugged my "big" camera with me everywhere in an attempt to capture the here and now as in "This Moment" in our lives.  And now, I'll be honest, I'm ready to put my camera down!  Let's face it, toting a very energetic two year old around is tough enough even without the camera but when you add that, a diaper bag, and purse to the mix, my arms are full!  But now, looking back at some of these images, I'm so glad that I have them, especially these of my big girl.  You see, she started ice skating lessons a few weeks ago and has totally fallen in love with it, as in hook, line and sinker.  You can tell, when she is on the ice, she is completely in her element.  So, I thought I wanted capture this time in this weeks Focus at Click of the Wild

This first image is the one I chose to go with in the end.  On this particular day, we got to the rink a little early which allowed us to watch some of the more advanced skaters on Ithe ice as they were practicing.  Truly, it is amazing to see some of the talent that some of these kids have.  They are so graceful gliding across the ice and they make spinning in the air look as easy as tying their shoes.  To me, this picture says so much with her facial expressions alone...I can tell what she is thinking just by what was captured in this candid moment. 



Lacing up!

One night after work, it was actually warm enough for us to head outside for a little while and let the kids play.

Watching "sissy"! 

The school bell just rang out!

And we'll bring an end to this post like the sun going down behind the trees in this picture.  Here, my girl in one of her many cartwheels that she's done while we were out enjoying this past Sunday afternoon!  

"This Moment" focus phrase/word belongs to Bobbie this go round, wonder what our next challenge will be...We shall see!