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Amanda & Lee Say "I Do"

September 01, 2015  •  2 Comments

August 29th, this past Saturday, Amanda & Lee committed their lives to one another before their God & their closest family and friends.  It was what I call a "quiet" ceremony beneath the shade trees of the home in which she grew up.  In the south, August is usually hot and muggy but on their day, the weather was perfectly comfortable...temps were low with a comfortable humidity.  It was a beautiful start to what I hope will be many years of happiness for them both!  Here are some of my favorites pictures to recap their wedding.

Love this next one of you, Amanda!

Her mom & dad

Beautiul bride!

These next few of Lee as he sees his bride for the first time!

Wishing you two a wonderful time away and many years of happiness as you start your new life together!


Brian & Jessica's Countryside Wedding

July 09, 2015  •  3 Comments

A warm summer afternoon in Union County, NC, Brian & Jessica married in the yard of their best friend's home.  The rain was threatening to make it's debut during their ceremony but decided to hold off until after their nuptials allowing this couple to have a beautiful ceremony in the presence of just their closest family members. Here are a few of my favorites to recap their day.

Jessica, you were a beautiful bride!

I love this next series, here's why.  Today, in photography, a big trend that I often encourage brides to do is have a "first look" with their dad.  You capture the dad's expression as he sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress.  The emotions are always priceless as he sees his "little girl" just before he gives her away to another man. Well, this is basically the same thing except for this was not a planned moment...It was all candid and I didn't expect to capture this going into their wedding day but here, Jessica's mother-in-law is seeing her son's soon-to-be-wife prior to the ceremony for the first time.  Their reaction is raw and priceless...what a "welcome into the family" this would be! 

Love how happy they both are in this next shot!

Brian taking care of his last minute touches while getting ready...

A little wedding loves from his niece!

You did mighty well on that ring, Brian!  ;)

Just before her dad gives her away...

Brian's reaction to seeing her for the first time...

Jessica & her dad!

Love a silhouette shot!

Thank you Brian & Jessica for letting me be a part of your day.  I wish you many years of happiness together!



Ava & Kyle Tie The Knot! {Wedding}

May 27, 2015  •  2 Comments

May 23rd, 2015 was such a beautiful day in more ways than one.  You see, Ava and Kyle united their lives together before God and their family & friends in Kyle's home church in Marshville, NC.  Their wedding was what I would classify as vintage, southern charm.  A classic church wedding is a timeless setting that still offers such a feeling sacredness even in today's modern times. This ceremony was one of the sweetest to witness.  As a photographer, I see many brides and their families and to witness these two families with their son and daughter as they became one, was especially touching as you will see in the pictures of their day.  I think some of the warmest moments are spent in the company of truly, good hearted people who strive to make others feel comfortable...Ave & Kyle (as well as their families) are those people! Thank you to the two of you for letting me be a part of not only your wedding day, but also to be a part of your lives over the last year! I wish you both many years of happiness together!

The calm...

Preparations have begun

Friends join in Ava's day

Such beautiful details, everything was thought out!

Such a cute surprise picture by her Made of Honor that made these cute signs!

What a beautiful group of women!

These next few might be my personal favorites from the day!

Ava and her mom...

This Daddy/daughter first look was one of the sweetest I've seen.  Both Ava and her Dad were so overcome with such emotion...It was beautiful!

The Bridal party "wall".

Ava, you are just gorgeous!

Kyle, you aren't too bad either!  ;)

I always love the quiet details like the one in this next picture.

Gift exchange/first touch!  (No peeking) Kyle's expression is priceless!

The NINJA aka Ring Bearer!

"S" - Strawn

Guest starting to arrive

Classic music playing while the guest were seated

See what I mean about how sweet this wedding was?  This is Kyle's mom as she walked in the church.

And now his Dad.

Here comes the bride...

I think he likes what he sees...


The bride dad...

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Strawn!

Happy times!

Kyle as he's watching his men having fun with Ava's pictures!

Monroe Country Club - Time to party!

First dance as Mr. & Mrs. Strawn!

Mother/son first dance

This bride and her dad had in their dance together but they had a surprise for us....

These two have moves!!!  What a great show for all of us!

Garter toss

Surely looks like some eager faces ready to catch the garter to me! 

Bouquet toss!

These two caught the bouquet and garter!

They danced the night away!

There you have it, happy for both of you!






Chris & Kara Say "I do" {Wedding}

May 18, 2015  •  2 Comments

This past Saturday, I spent the day with a sweet couple who began their new life together in the quiet country side at Morrow Mountain State Park.  An intimate ceremony with just their closest friends and and family, Chris & Kara committed their lives to each other through marriage.  It was a warm, beautiful day with lots of laughter, good tears and well wishes.  Here are some of my favorites to recap their day. 

Time to get ready...

I always love this next shot, the calm just before the wedding.

Kara, you look so radiant in this next shot.


Here she comes...

Seeing her groom for the first time.


Always love the little ones at wedding, they're so honest!

This next shot, perfection!


Truly, such a sweet moment between father and son.


I LOVE this sisters shot!


Oh!  You two...love this next one!



And I'll leave you with my favorite of the day!

Thanks again for letting me capture your wedding and spend the day with you.  I wish the both of you many years of happiness together!




Lil' Twigs {Handmade and Upcycled Props}

March 28, 2015  •  1 Comment

I'm excited about a tad bit of new information.  MTH Photography and Lil' Twigs are teaming up to offer beautiful new props for you to customize your own shoots!  For years I've worked with Monica over at Lil' Twigs in creating one of a kind props for many of my clients.  She truly has such and art at creating unique but timeless addition with her handmade items.  From crochet baby hats, blankets and diaper cover to her upcycled clothing props, Monica, does a wonderful job to help customize a look specifically for your little one.  If you're preparing for an upcoming newborn shoot or even a childhood days shoot and want something to give your photos a little something extra, check out her etsy store in the link provided and feel free to shoot her an email.  You can now access her store through a link on my home page.  Check back often as her inventory changes frequently.  Here is an example of some of her work.