Click of the Wild ~ Focus: {Love}

February 18, 2014  •  1 Comment

"Love" is today's focus for Click of the Wild.  And well, since I like to paint rainbows in the sky of a world that's not always so colorful, bear with me while I slip on my rose colored glasses and play with this focus word for a minute.  "Love", can wear so many different faces but today's pictures express love on a much lighter note, with a positive but fun perception of the "L" word.  With my final choice, I see "love" through chubby toddler hands, grasping colorful candy hearts that each contain a love letter of their very own.  (Don't judge, I warned you I was slipping on the glasses.  ha!) 

When I heard what our focus would be for this weeks challenge, I had an idea of the perfect example of how I interpret "love" and the way I view it through my eyes. Truth is, love, like the tried and true, real deal is serious business.  And what I had planned to capture was the real thing but unfortunately, the timing just didn't allow me to achieve that image, so instead I decided to take this down a much lighter path.  Here are pictures that were in the running for this weeks challenge.


Heart shaped PB & J topped with candy sprinkles for my girls.  Sprinkles make anything better, it's like jewelry for your food.  ;)  Told ya I was gonna see things a little rosy.




Little Debbie, what's not to love about her??? DSC_2773eDSC_2773e

DSC_2816eDSC_2816e DSC_2780eDSC_2780e

See what I mean, little love letters on sweet candy hearts.  Happy Tuesday, folks.  It's February, go out and spread some love.  In the mean time, go check out how my other photogs interpret love.  There's some good stuff over at COTW this week. 

And that's my feel good, fun way of showing love on a much lighter note! 


Bobbie Brown(non-registered)
Love your thoughts behind this... your pick is my fav - but they are all great! Love the 2nd to the last :)
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