The Perfect Christmas Gift from MONA Boutique!

December 01, 2012  •  5 Comments

Stepping back in time has become a favorite hobby for me.  I love everything vintage!  It brings a warmth to my soul to see images of the present in a setting from the past.  Decorating with past time pieces is also something that I love.  So when my sister and her four boys began "Making Old New Again" with MONA Boutique, I fell in love! 

Mica and her boys build hand crafted bird houses with barn wood from old barns in and around the area.  Each piece is intricately designed with beveled rusty tin and vintage hardware from days gone by.  No two pieces are alike, so as you decorate your home, provide a home for the peeps of nature or give this as gift, know that you will have a one-of-kind piece unlike any other.  Maybe your choice will be "The Key to my Heart", "Deer to Me", "Welcome Home" or "Handle Me Gently".  "Deer to Me" is a popular favorite this season with rustic reindeer hardware embellishing both front and back on this birdhouse.  Here are a few pictures of what she has available.  Should you want to purchase one, you can find them on display at Ace Door Servicing or Daphne's Simply Southern Bakery in Mint Hill, NC.  Or contact Mica @ 704-363-2297. 

Arlie and Rudolph 056e Arlie and Rudolph 055e Arlie and Rudolph 057e These next two pictures are some of her creations in the store front window at Ace Door Servicing in Mint Hill, NC.Postle-Hinson 071e Postle-Hinson 062e Davis Christmas card '10 024e

And I'll leave you with one of the "people behind the scene"... Meet Mica and her boys, Britt, Kohl, Collin & Banks!  These are the folks who makes these gorgeous creations.

Whitlow 2012 268e

Merry Christmas everyone!



Bobbie Brown(non-registered)
LOVE those gorgeous birdhouses! Really, I am going to have to get me one soon :) Great pictures. Love the one of Mica and her boys!
Terry Simpson(non-registered)
Love the bird houses! and I especially like the picture of that lovely lady and the boys!
Molly these pictures are beautiful! Love the birdhouses staged for Christmas and that pic of Mica with the boys is so good!!
What a good picture of Mica and her boys, love it!
Nacole Mangum(non-registered)
These bird houses are beautiful!! Love the picture of Mica and her boys, they are true entrepreneurs. I wish them the best of luck!!
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