szalunki do wykopów wynajem(non-registered)
szalunki do wykopów wynajem
amanda aker(non-registered)
Oh Molly, these are wonderful...words cant explain how happy we are!
I have always said that a song is not a REAL song unless you can feel it. The same statement is appropriate for pictures as well. In pictures such as those made at a wedding. When you can see the sunshine glowing and blasting out of the trees, it makes one feel as if he was actually there. The pictures of the children remind me of my own. Your photographs display, I suppose one might say, a still "exposure" of not simply the ones in the picture but the love of the one taking them. You have definitely been blessed with a gift - One that allows you to see love and to capture it with the click of a button.
You have been blessed with a truly recognizable gift.
Keeley M Mullis(non-registered)
Molly your pictures are so beautiful!! your little girls are so adorable!
Nichole Blanchard(non-registered)
Your work is beautiful and your girls are too
You do beautiful work!
Sybil Helms(non-registered)
I knew you could do this! It is just breathtaking! I have seen many of these pictures before, but I amazed at your talent every time I see them. Never underestimate yourself! You will be a great success and all the best wishes to my wonderful daughter.
Molly, you are so talented you have a way of bringing out the beauty in all of us through the lenses of your camera.
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