Click of the Wild - Focus: "The Simple Life, Country"

October 28, 2013  •  5 Comments

So this weeks focus over at Click of the Wild is one that just feels like home to me..."The Simple Life, Country"!  When we first started out with this challenge, I had the perfect image in my mind of what I truly viewed as "Country".  Well, even with the best intentions, sometimes you just can't pull it off, especially if you can't find what you had in mind!  So, what does that mean to me as a photographer?  Well, it's the whole purpose behind "Click of the Wild"...It pushes each of us to think outside of the box and find beauty in the everyday.  I had a tough time deciding what my favorite image was for this weeks focus, so I'm posting all that I pondered using.  This first image is ultimately the one I chose.  Reason being...It speaks to me.  The simplistic structure of a single fence post with rusted barbwire has it's on beauty with the sunlight peeking it's way in the image on the left!  Then the corner of the 1920's log cabin on the right is just a subtle accent in the background. 


This next image was a tough one for me not to use.  I love the old wooden shed, the cotton field and of course that warm sun peeking around the corner!  Truly, if I'm being honest, this picture was a tie to the first image...the one I chose.


And these last few were also in the running...

DSC_2126eDSC_2126e DSC_2114eDSC_2114e DSC_2171eDSC_2171e DSC_2185eDSC_2185e

That's it folks...there you have it!


All of these are great, but the second one from the bottom is my favorite. I can't tell you how many of those flowers I picked as a kid! It brings back great memories of living the simple life in the country!
I love all of them, it would have been hard for me to choose!
Alicia Damron(non-registered)
You got so many different ones! I love the one you chose, but I also love that dandelion shot!
Molly your images are gorgeous! That last one would've been in the running for me ;) I would have had a hard time choosing though!
Tressa Ann(non-registered)
Oh my that cottonfield....loveeeee!!!!!
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