"Guns or Glitter" It's a Gender Reveal Party!!!

October 22, 2013  •  3 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with this happy couple...Meet Charli & John Mark!  It was a special occasion for these two.  You see, they are welcoming their first baby next spring and to add to their excitement they planned an afternoon of family, fun & friends and they learned if they would be having a baby boy or girl.  The theme, "Guns or Glitter"!  Charli had done an excellent job with making it a beautiful display to remember for years to come.  I absolutely loved every minute of my afternoon with them...I was in my element at this party!!!  Anyway, so lets go see what they're having...Pink or Blue...Any guess's yet?

Meet Charli, John Mark & Baby Moore



Will they add Guns or Glitter???



Will "it" play with tractors or dress up as a princess?


Cutest baby bump around! DSC_9339eDSC_9339e DSC_9158eDSC_9158e DSC_9156eDSC_9156e DSC_9174eDSC_9174e DSC_9166eDSC_9166e DSC_9163eDSC_9163e

Oh, what will it be...Boy or girl??? DSC_9148eDSC_9148e DSC_9146eDSC_9146e

Love the emotion in this next picture! DSC_9416eDSC_9416e DSC_9457eDSC_9457e

Charli & her Sister



DSC_9195eDSC_9195e DSC_9402eDSC_9402e DSC_9399eDSC_9399e

It was a happy day of waiting... DSC_9439eDSC_9439e DSC_9133eDSC_9133e DSC_9125eDSC_9125e

Love this yummy light! DSC_9230eDSC_9230e DSC_9128eDSC_9128e DSC_9626eDSC_9626e DSC_9423eDSC_9423e DSC_9277eDSC_9277e DSC_9312eDSC_9312e DSC_9212eDSC_9212e DSC_9444eDSC_9444e DSC_9346eDSC_9346e

The time has arrived!

DSC_9474eDSC_9474e DSC_9490eDSC_9490e DSC_9492eDSC_9492e DSC_9494eDSC_9494e

Oh, look what they will be welcoming in March! DSC_9585eDSC_9585e DSC_9587eDSC_9587e


Big sister Calli sporting her new necklace!  ;) DSC_9383eDSC_9383e DSC_9617eDSC_9617e DSC_9567eDSC_9567e

Best of luck, Charli & John Mark...So happy you let me capture this time for you in pictures!!!  Know you can't wait to meet baby Lincoln Brooks!!!


Bobbie Brown(non-registered)
I love how 'Dad' is looking at 'Mom' while all the balloons float up - his expression and body language say it all! Love all the details!
Alicia Damron(non-registered)
Oh cool, you did a great job with this! I love all the many details you captured, it looks like a fun party!
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