'tis the Season!

December 22, 2012  •  6 Comments

Today, it's exactly 3 days before Christmas and whenever we reach the 22nd of December each year, I'm reminded of a time when I was a child.  Surrounded by brown paneling on the walls in that old hallway, we were standing in the house I grew up in on Clarence Secrest Road.  What would be an insignificant moment in life now, is a memory that I'm reminded of every year at Christmas time.  Three sisters met outside our bedroom door and I remember the oldest, crouching down to the floor about to explode saying, "only three more days y'all, only three more days 'til Christmas!"  Being the ages we were, we could hardly contain our excitement! 

Now I get to relive that excitement with my own kids.  'tis the season to celebrate all that we hold so near and dear to our hearts.  Christmas...It's here, the "frosting-on-the-cake"!  A time that families come together, strangers seem jollier, and streets are lined with lights in every color.  Babies run through the house in footed snowman jammies and big sisters shake the packages under the tree.  As I type this post, the house is a wreck, my bar stools are used as a make shift clothes line, there's a sink full of dishes and to be honest, right now Cambria's driving her bus the tree needles that need to be vacuumed off the floor!  But this morning, I don't care, we're laying around in our pj's and waiting an extra hour or so before we get started with day.  Have no fear, the hussle and bussle will come soon, but for now, on this Saturday morning before Christmas, we're enjoying the sounds of home!


Silo at the Billy Graham Library

Billy Graham Library 015e Wintery reindeerHelms Christmas 2012 024e The true meaning with the Holy FamilyBilly Graham Library 020e Little maters digging in Christmas traditionsChristmas 2011 031 Christmas 2011 025 Christmas cousinsBilly Graham Library 002e Main street in lightsChristmas card 2012 (C & A) 245e Great aunts welcoming the littlesHelms Christmas 2012 028e Four!Christmas 2011 Pink tree 001e

Christmas card 2012 (C & A) 064final blog



Molly, I love this post. It's good to slow down and really, really enjoy the moments. They pass so quickly! I love your memories from growing up. Who would have thought out of all the things you do growing up, the hallway memory would stick in your mind. All the pictures are so good but I especially love the one of Cambria and her aunt. So sweet! Love the last one of Arlie, Cambria and the wagon, too. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas :)
Molly - loved these pictures and loved reading your Christmas memories! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
I love this! Especially the little reindeer decoration, so cute! I started getting really excited about Christmas last night. I kept saying, "four more days!" It feels so good to know that I don't go back to work until after Christmas and I get to enjoy an extra-long weekend with my family. We've been laying around the house this morning too...doing a few Christmas crafts and some much needed cleaning, but it seems so nice to have a lazy morning where I'm not rushed! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Molly, I think this post says it all. The sad thing is sometimes we get so caught up in "things" we fail to enjoy the moments! Love your pictures and thanks for sharing your memories of Christmas past :)
Thanks for bring a smile to my face!I remember Grandmother and JJ spending the night with us and they being so excited that if we could sleep, they wouldn't let us! Grandmother poking me in the side saying, what time is it? Can we get up yet? Haha! Fun times!
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